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doodlebugMarch 18, 2018

In 1994 two brothers, 10 years apart in age leave rural Vermont and cross the United States in a truck only slightly younger than its passengers.   Mutual interest in the American landscape and culture is one of the rare points of agreement as they head south and west taking two months to reach LA.  Now, 24 years later, Robby Porter has published the daily journal he kept during their trip. Read more …




Unexpected Grace

unexpected graceJune 21, 2017

 This book is about the kind of issues we all face sooner or later sickness, old age, the death of a loved one. Here is a look at how some people have faced what they had to face. It is 2010, Alyssa and Richard Bradshaw are living in West Severance, Vermont, in a house they built beside a rocky brook on land they bought from the Martel family. The Martels live next door on a farm that has been Martel land for generations. The two families get along, even though the Bradshaws are transplants from Connecticut, and the Martels have been Vermonters forever. There are many generations that are a part of this mix: Monika, Alyssa s eighty-four-year-old mother, Danny, Sam Martel s grandson, and lots of others. This is the story of what life throws at people and how they deal with it, not exciting, but real, a window into the lives of ordinary Americans. Read more …